Springbok Hit Parade Volume 01 To 30

Music For Pleasure (MFP)

Springbok Hit Parade

Springbok Hit Parade did not feature original artists. However, an attempt will be made to list the original/known artists as well and to match it with hit songs of that applicable year in South Africa.

Springbok Hit Parade 01 (1970)
MFP 5757

Springbok Hit Parade 02 (1971)
MFP 5761

Springbok Hit Parade 03 (1971)
MFP 5763

Springbok Hit Parade 04 (1971)
MFP 5768

Springbok Hit Parade 05 (1972)
MFP 5782

Springbok Hit Parade 06 (1972)
MFP 5784

Springbok Hit Parade 07 (1972)

 Springbok Hit Parade 08 (1972)

 Springbok Hit Parade 09 (1973)

  Springbok Hit Parade 10 (1973)


Springbok Hit Parade 11 (1973)
MFP 54530


Springbok Hit Parade 12 (1973)
MFP 54542

Springbok Hit Parade 13 (1973)
 MFP 54545

Springbok Hit Parade 14 (1974)
MFP 54547

Springbok Hit Parade 15 (1974)
MFP 54555

Springbok Hit Parade 16 (1974)
MFP 54562

Springbok Hit Parade 17 (1974)
MFP 54590

 Springbok Hit Parade 18 (1974)
MFP 54608

 Springbok Hit Parade 19 (1974)
MFP 54619

  Springbok Hit Parade 20 (1975)
MFP 54634

Springbok Hit Parade 21 (1975)
MFP 54645

Springbok Hit Parade 22 (1975)
MFP 54661

Springbok Hit Parade 23 (1975)
MFP 54699

Springbok Hit Parade 24 (1975)
 MFP 54700

Springbok Hit Parade 25 (1975)
 MFP 54702

Springbok Hit Parade 26 (1976)
 MFP 54703

Springbok Hit Parade 27 (1976)
 MFP/SRSJ 7094

Springbok Hit Parade 28 (1976)
 MFP/SRSJ 7095

Springbok Hit Parade 29 (1976)
 MFP 54727

Springbok Hit Parade 30 (1976)
 MFP 54763


  1. An amazing amount of effort here ... well done.


    1. Thanks Brian - I read you blog quite frequently as well as SA Rock Digest. Keep up the good work!

    2. Received Comment from Mr Ken Talbott:
      "Really nice to see all the albums listed. One of the reasons which helped to make this series successful was that amongst the singers used to record the covers was Stevie and Mutt (Robert John Lange). Stevie has gone on to be a voice coach to Robbie Williams and Blue, and Mutt has written top hits like the Brian Adams "All I do I do for you". When recording these albums it became apparent that Mutt had a super critical ear. He would often comment on details which no one else could even hear. Although hard work, those hours spent at the EMI studios in Pritchard Street Johannesburg have turned out to be worth it"

    3. Wow this brings back memories, I had all the albums from the age of 9. I wish I had of kept them all. I still remember the words to all the songs. Thanks so much, I was looking for a song, could not find it on Google then remembered the Springbok Hit Parade LP's. Thanks so much

  2. are there 2 versions of springbok? iMy copy is totally different from the one here,It has a gatefold sleeve http://darnall42s70sstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/springbok-21-mfp-south-africa-1975.html

  3. Not sure... I have photos of both sleeves ... however same music.

  4. I have springbok hits of the year 6 album box set series 2 can anyone tell me about it

    1. Follow this link http://springbokhits.blogspot.com/p/springbok-hits-of-year.html

  5. Wow...was inserting all my record collection in my PC. All my Springbok record covers are in quite bad shape and THANKS to you, my catalogue Springbok covers look amazing. Thanks again!! Stef

  6. I'm from the newer generation and are extremely interested in the springbok hit parade, the utmost best music of its time. I would just like to ask if you know of a site where the full hit singles could be downloaded.
    Thank you for this site and for preserving the history for the coming generations!

  7. Ek's verheug en aangename verras toe ek op die inligting afkom - n fantastiese samevatting van my "goue oues". Baie dankie. Uitstekend gedoen.

  8. Gee wizz! Great stuff you got here! Thanx for all the effort to keep this piece of 'history' in tact. Well done. Too a trip down memory lane now!

  9. For Springbok Hits 28 you say that Jonathan Butler's 'I'll Be Home' is on this. I can confirm that this is the same song as the Flamingos one.

  10. Hey macloud, You inspired me to go out and build a complete collection of all these fantastic LPs! Many of these LPs are more than 40 years old now. The crackle and hiss when playing these tracks on a turntable gives my listening experience a "retro" feel! What a beautiful trip down memory lane. Thanks for organizing all these LPs!

  11. Track 9, Springbok Hit Parade - Sing Out A Song performed by The Outlet ( Group consisted of Peter Vee and R Schroder ) they also performed Co-Co Track 10, Best Of Springbok Hit Parade Vol.1, although The Sweet also sang the song. Great site. Keep It Up!!!

    1. Thx for the info - updates tables accordingly

  12. Which site can I download all the albums for my mom? I still remember these and I know she loves them so I would really like to download all their albums for her. Thanks for any help you can give.

    1. Hi - unfortunately the Springbok versions was cover versions. There was a CD release:

      However, even this is scarce to find. Recently 44 "new" albums were released - do a search for springbok hit parade on qobuz.com and Amazon. I haven't checked how they match with the original records

  13. i want to collect the whole series where can i find the ones i still don't have?

  14. i am trying to collect the whole series. please confirm the series stopped at no 74/ where can i find the ones i still need?

    1. Yes - series stopped at 74.
      However a series of CD's (Springbok Selection) was published.
      Recently Ster Musiek has released 44 digital Springbok Hit Parade Albums.
      Auction sites is a great place to look for LP's.

  15. aai man dit was vir jou nog musiek toe ek nog mooi en jonk was

  16. Some on the list has a collection of my grandpa. He treasures it. :)

    Ann Torres
    top songs of the week

  17. Not sure if I should cry or laugh Emotional overload! Thank you so much for this I love it!!!!

  18. Thank you so very much found info I was looking for.

  19. Hi there Macloud. Your blog is cool and very informative. So much so that I started a similar blog but I'm featuring the Pop Shop series of LP's that were also released in South Africa. Maybe you can assist me with missing at http://popshoplp.blogspot.co.za/

    Regards Harry

  20. Goeie dae, goeie jeug ,goeie musiek. Those were the days!

  21. Hi, I've got all the SPRINGBOK HIT PARADE 1 - 74 and the SPRINGBOK SELECTION 1 - 12 and all the POP SHOP 1 - 51 series on MP3 format, which I've download on my External Hard Disc. they bring back memories, I was 9 years old, when I started collecting the original Springbok series.

    1. Hi Zane, please would you be able to tell me how you managed to get all the Hit Parade series on MP3?

  22. Hi Macloud. Great to see it all again. Must say that I have quite a number of them. Probably about 30. I make a point of finding the original songs from the covers. Keep up the good work. Here's to old times!!!!!

  23. Hi guys I have the complete series from 1 to 30 with doubles of 7, 12, 18, 19 and 24 as well as springbok electronic sounds if anyone is interested in taking them off my hands please contact me on 0712167011

    (MW 70011)

  25. Hi guys. I am looking for the song Midnight Moonlight. I do not know who sings it but it is and Oldie. 1970 to 1980

  26. Hi guys. I am looking for the song Midnight Moonlight. I do not know who sang it. All I know that it is a oldie

    1. Possibly Old & In The Way - Midnight Moonlight (1973)?

  27. I only need 11 LP's to complete my entire set. Sadly no's 4; 33; 48; 60; 63; 64; 66; 67; 71; 73 & 74 are still eluding me.

  28. Does anybody know if they will ever put this on CD for us please?

  29. oh my goodness, this blog broke my heart with memories. where can I buy all the springbok hit parade albums?

    1. Amazon has published some as MP3 albums - I don't know how they relate to the originals

  30. Springbok 21 was actually a fold open golden edition with extra info although there was only one LP. The colours were gold on white mostly.

    1. Got photos of that as well - will publish soon

  31. Hi there, is there anyway to download all of the Hit Parades?

    1. Amazon has published some as MP3 albums.

  32. I am looking for a song and I think it's name was "Just (a) one more night". It is a song I remember, from the 70's. Unfortunately, I don't know who sang it. Can somebody help me find it? The lyrics of the chorus, if I remember correctly, goes something like this:

    "Just a one more night,
    One more night in my life,
    One more night in my life
    and I'm gonna be back,
    With my woman again"

    Then it is repeated.

    You can get back to me on biaren@telkomsa.net