Thursday, 12 April 2012

South African Compilations

The purpose of this blog is to post information and photos of South African Compilations.

If you have more info please mail me:


 Various labels published Springbok LP compilations most notably Music For Pleasure.

1. Springbok Hit Parade (MFP)
2. Springbok Hit Parade Best Of/Top Hits (MFP)
3. Springbok Hit Parade 16 Hits
4. Springbok Boereparty
5. Springbok Country Style
6. Springbok DJ (20 Greatest Hits, Top 20, Top Twenty)
7. Springbok Golden Years And Golden Decade
8. Springbok Hits
9. Springbok Hits Dance Party
10. Springbok Hits Electronic
11. Springbok Selection
12. Springbok Top 15 GTX 
13. Springbok Wild Hits  
14. Springbok Hits Of The Week (MvN)
15. Springbok Hits Of The Year (MvN)
16. Pete's New Springbok Hits


  1. Please have a look at my interview here with David Gresham who presented the Top 20 on many stations including Springbok at some point.

  2. can download all this music?
    how can i do?
    please,, thanks

    1. Hi - unfortunately the Springbok versions was cover versions. There was a CD release:

      However, even this is scarce to find. Recently 44 "new" albums were released - do a search for springbok hit parade on and Amazon. I haven't checked how they match with the original records.